What is your favorite number?

Really random, I know. Just curious



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-8. dont ask why


its funny

you know whats funnier

censored by FBI


or idk man


Some guy in here is just gonna say 69 so I’ll just say it first

my second one is 69420
ez your dogwater get shit on

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hehe :smirk:

4 - only number to have as many characters as the amount it’s worth. also sounds like “death” in Japanese but that isn’t the main reason i like it

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dunno why


don’t have any in particular, i just have numbers that I think are “nice” and those that I think are “ugly”

nice numbers are:

  • any squares
  • any multiples of 7
  • any multiples of 11
  • 1/7 and 1/11 (yes that counts shut up)

ugly numbers are:

  • most primes

multiples of two and three are too basic for my tastes, they are cool but like why
pi doesn’t even look that cool in the first place either

i guess you could say 7 and 11 are my favorite, but that’s not really it, their multiples are just pretty.