What is your personal top 5 albums?



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In no particular order:

  • IGOR - Tyler the Creator
  • Blonde - Frank Ocean
  • 24 Karat Magic - Bruno Mars
  • King of Rock - Run DMC
  • Thriller/Bad - Michael Jackson

I’ve probably had a bunch of others in my top 5 over time, but as a whole these are probably my personal top 5 most influential of all time


I don’t know/listen to many albums but my favorite is Bleed the Future by Archspire. Every song on it is a fucking banger.

Don’t know when i’m listen to albums but pale machine by bo en is the only one i’ve listened to every song of sooo uhhh yeah

Also any song made my UNDEAD CORPORATION is really good sooooo :smiley:

Imma just say my top ones from 2022 in no particular order, cause Idk my top 5 all time.

SOS - Sza
Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers - Kendrick Lamar
Dawn FM - The Weeknd
Mr. Money With The Vibe - Asake
This is What I Mean - Stormzy

I also liked the albums from Burna Boy, Rod Wave, Black Sherif, Gunna, Metro Boomin, and Westside Boogie.

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AND the Black Panther soundtrack was fire too.

im one of those nerds who only listen to video game music

  1. Deepwoken OST
  2. Ori and the Blind Forest OST
  3. Hollow Knight OST
  4. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet OST
  5. Calamity Mod OST

Game OSTs are albums, I think


Counterfeit Arcade by Shayfer James is the only one I can list off the top of my head

gonna do osts

  1. spelunky hd
  2. spelunky 2
  3. terraria (and calamity)
  4. breath of the wild
  5. pokemon: legends arceus

kinda wacky list but i don’t play a ton of different games

Ok can I just say that some of these suprised me like I didn’t see a single person mention any undertale soundtrack or anything but anyways
When I get home - solange
Hot pink - doja cat
To hell with it - pinkpantheress
The miseducation of lauryn hill - lauryn hill
Un verano sin ti - bad bunny
This is how I’m feeling rn it changes very often

do EPs or OSTs count

ya sure

hm ok then

These will be in no particular order

  1. Inside - Bo Burnham
  2. Good Kid - Good Kid
  3. Boy IRL Girl URL - meganeko
  4. Sequence Break - meganeko

That’s kinda it?

Honorable mention ig Evolve - Imagine Dragons but I don’t really like it that much anymore

And for OSTs

  1. Minecraft
  2. Omori
  3. Undertale
  4. Deltarune
  5. Sleepwoken :sleeping:
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I don’t usually group songs by album, but I looked through some playlists and picked 5 albums from which I took many songs, no particular order:

  • Metropolis, Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory (1999) by Dream Theater
  • Passion and Warfare (1990) by Steve Vai
  • Affinity (2016) by Haken
  • Images and Words (1992) by Dream Theater
  • Colma (1998) by Buckethead

Also, you can’t just make a top 5 topic without giving you own, spit them out.

my top 6 (bc i had trouble deciding with the last couple) in no particular order:

  • Gemini Rights by Steve Lacy
  • *Ghettoland by *JIMMY
  • Drunk by Thundercat
  • Secrets by Sage poet
  • A Dense Swarm of Ancient Stars by I monster