What is your view on the use of custom cursors?

What’s your opinion on people using custom cursors for PvP and such, do you not mind it, etc.

It’s meh

…I don’t reaaally see how that can be considered a problem?
Like they are only changing how it looks like, not how it works… right

Also those things are coming (although maybe not this update for the first one):

fine with it

yes, I do think that custom cursors grant an unfair advantage in pvp situations, how did you know?

I’m just seeing if custom cursor users have the same respect as non-users :frcryin:

ok luna

I’m chill with it, use custom cursor if you want, but it’s not for me personally

Wait a minute. Custom cursors? What is that?

dont really mind that much

Custom cursors wouldn’t cause any problems no?

I would imagine playing roblox with this as a cursor

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