What level do you think Cursebeard was?

If the max level obtainable in WoM will be 5000, (5 Magic’s, 1 is a primordial) what level do you think Cursebeard was?

I think he is level 50k, he was probably level 3000 when he killed Prometheus, and he has been around for thousands of years, this is also going off the fact the weakest member of the Eleven Unknowns is “miles more powerful then him”, and I believe from what ive heard the eleven unknowns are 100k-1M, I think Cursebeard was only half the power of their weakest member (Im also putting in the fact cursebeard died to a undead god, but Zeus was weaker than Prometheus, so it was basically Zeus buffed with all of Durza’s power. It’s not that OP considering Durza was barely more powerful then Theos when he had multiple Magic’s and curses)
You also gotta put in the fact that the eleven unknowns are literal gods who could destroy the planet and damage the solar system.

So what do you think?

level nein nein nein nein nein.

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German cursebeard

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27 hexillion

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Levels aren’t a real way to discern power. Remember that in terms of AA the Peacekeeper was around level 1000 when fighting Durza, yet Theos for example was a higher level than that, yada yada. Asking what level something is is meaningless at the end of the day, as that would imply that, for example, the Whiteridge Bandit Leader would be significantly stronger than Trigno, and things like that.


Abandon curse beard. All hail Latom :pray:

His level is yes

at least 7

10k or something stupid OP
he was one of the 11 unknowns before the 11 unknowns even existed or whatever

Levels don’t matter, the only thing that matters the most is their armour. So, he’s probably around level 5K - 15K

i mean he wasnt all that strong, he just had 4 super curses, so i doubt above 5k

what about power level

I’d say 5-10 million, going off the fact that Arsen was level 2 million I think

youre not wrong

His level will be nul.

Power Levels fit into the same rut as normal levels, as they’re a combination of MECHANICAL STATS not lore strength. Note that Power Level also takes equipment into account, which muddies up any potential results further.

(voluntary comment about funi 2 year necro)

But, why?
The unknowns arent even canon anymore


i think Cursebeard had Level 1000+
Arcane Adventures trello