What Magic Did the Gods Have?

These are my own theories to what the gods would have if they were players in AO.

The 3 brothers were easy to decide on:


Name: Zeus

Magic: Lightning

Second Mind: Wind

Third Mind: Ice

Sea Curse(s): Cloud Curse

Lost Magic: Storm Magic

Primordial Magic: Art of Order

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: White


Name: Poseidon

Magic: Water

Second Mind: Wind

Third Mind: Lightning

Sea Curse(s): Tide Curse

Lost Magic: Storm/Lunar Magic

Primordial Magic: N/A

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Brown
I guess Poseidon Magic can be counted as well


Name: Hades

Magic: Ash

Second Mind: Fire

Third Mind: Shadow

Sea Curse(s): Magma Curse

Lost Magic: Darkness

Primordial Magic: Death

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: Black

It got kind of hard with godesses the goddesses because they didn’t really have elemental magic that’s in the game (with the exception of Hestia and Demeter. And I just guessed with Athena)


Name: Hera

Magic: Jealousy

Second Mind: Child Murder

Third Mind: Yeeting babies from mountain palaces

Sea Curse(s): ?

Lost Magic: ?

Primordial Magic: ?


Name: Demeter

Magic: Wood

Second Mind: Earth

Third Mind: Wind

Sea Curse(s): Earth Curse

Lost Magic: Slash

Primordial Magic: Life Magic


Name: Athena

Magic: Wind

Second Mind: Lightning

Third Mind: Fire

Sea Curse(s): Shockwave Curse

Lost Magic: Slash Magic

Primordial Magic: Shatter Magic

Fighting Style: Radius Fist

Eye Color: Gray

Hair Color: Red


Name: Ares

Magic: Magma

Second Mind: Fire

Third Mind: Explosion

Sea Curse(s): Magma Curse

Lost Magic: Slash

Primordial Magic: Apocalypse Bringer


Name: Aphrodite

Magic: Crystal

Second Mind: Wind

Third Mind: Light

Sea Curse(s): Growth Curse

Lost Magic: Diamond Magic

Primordial Magic: N/A


Name: Apollo

Magic: Light

Second Mind: Fire

Third Mind: Wind

Sea Curse(s): Lazarus Curse

Lost Magic: Healing Magic

Primordial Magic: Art of Order

Eye Color: Gold

Hair Color: Yellow


Name: Artemis

Magic: Light Magic (Moonlight Variation)

Second Mind: Water

Third Mind: Earth

Sea Curse(s): N/A

Lost Magic: Lunar Magic

Primordial Magic: N/A


Name: Dionysus

Magic: Acid

Second Mind: Poison

Third Mind: Water

Sea Curse(s): Growth Curse

Lost Magic: Wave Magic

Primordial Magic: Pressure Magic


Name: Hephaestus

Magic: Fire

Second Mind: Metal

Third Mind: Magma

Sea Curse(s): Metal Curse

Lost Magic: N/A

Primordial Magic: N/A


Name: Hestia

Magic: Fire

Second Mind: Fire

Third Mind: Fire

Sea Curse(s): Blaze Curse

Lost Magic: Phoenix Magic

Primordial Magic: N/A

This isn’t canon and is just my own imagery of what magic the gods would have. List any suggestions or your own idea if you want.

You forgot a god, WAX


No, not augmented magic. Pure Primitive Magic.

yeah ik it’s not canon, but ig you went off their elements and such
if they did use augmented i feel like it’d be the God mutation/form/level

They never had augmented magic, they had whatever they really wanted, it was Primitive god magic, and there were no curses at the time

fundamentally whatever they had was very different from what humans were capable of
the biggest hint into this is probably this
the “magic” of gods is probably based upon willpower itself,
forcibly exerting mana or whatever to do shit with powerful willpower

the “magic” of gods probably varied from god to god though,
given that poseidon could control hurricanes/storms/the ocean and nothing else explicitly;
I’d assume that gods are more or less limited to their “domain” so to speak

gods probably don’t have “minds” like augmented magic users do anyways

We already know that Poseidon had an unusual magic, then his own personal magic which he made, Poseidon Magic, which had a shield and float ability.

As for Zeus, all we know was that the name of his magic was “Zeus’s Will”

the “poseidon magic spec” was, I’m pretty sure,
just moving raw magic power to form barriers and shit

its not “magic” persay, its more similar to radius fist in essence
albeit on a much more refined scale

I’d guess that most god powers are primarily based around their willpower

uhhh what? willpower? where’d you get that from lol


here’s more on the godly domains

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Familiarity with Greek myths time.

Hestia would actually probably be the one with phoenix magic rather than the god of the forge.

“Primordial Magic: ?”
Lets be real. Third mind explosion, lost magic Slash, primordial magic Apocalypse Bringer.

Primordial magic here is easily going to be life.

Hera sucks, everybody hates Hera.
She shall have her own special magic: Jealousy.

Lore-wise, however, they all just just used sheer willpower to do whatever the heck they wanted because they’re just that OP.

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Well I stated this is if the gods were alive as people during the time of AO/WoM

Hippity Hoppity

Your suggestions are my property

(Thanks for the ideas)

You’re welcome.

you forgot me

They wouldn’t have had this type of magic anyways

Why not The pure magic itself

because that was primitive and primitive died out

Hestia would have Jealousy, Child Murder, and Yeeting babies from mountain palaces.

primitive died out among the humans not the gods