What’s the dumbest thing that has happened to you so far

I’m just curious what the dumbest thing that happened to you in wom is.

I went from 1200+ rep to -350 rep because I killed a negative rep bandit and that was apparently breaking the law.

Stood still in Ironport and I turned into a criminal for no reason.

Went to take a screen shot with the captain ontop of the silent tower and accidentally clicked f with my magic which made a self explosion move next to him…

Someone broke the silent tower as I was walking by, a part fell on me, and I got flung into space

Some player caused a threat by killing an NPC, so I killed them because why not and I got fined because apparently the player was innocent. Probably my fault though, as they were level 20 at the time.

Negative rep attacked the Silent Tower, and somehow I aggro’d the magic council guys even though I was friendly rep.

i got a bounty for killing a level 3 who was causing a threat.

vetex should make it so that when you kill a person who PURPOSEFULLY killed another NPC, there is no fine. That’s on them, they aren’t innocent. Just a little infuriating. (not people who did small property damage, like breaking a window)

Being fined for killing a level 24 who was causing threat. That level 24 also killed the dude who upgrades your gear.

i got a combat logging fine when wom shutted down for its first patch after the official release.
it was 50 crowns, to be exact.
i had 200
so i got fined a quarter of my moolah for something that was not even my fault.

i did this to bell village

“dont mind me just gassing bell village”
Very poor choice of words.

i did this to summerhold, then had king david ignite the poison, and it did 101 damage per tick. that was pure gold

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Falling through the ocean and die.

getting absolutely melted by 5 bandits who all had bows while i was in the middle of a barrage