What the hell happened to the forums lately?

I’m seeing a lot of shitty trends going around over the past couple of days. Ik that i’ll probably be called based and the such but like come on, are we really this depraved of everything? I’ve seen nothing talking about how fast the revamped magics were being pumped out, no discussion about what vetex could have done for the new looks.

I want something enjoyable to watch, and it doesn’t just have to be “lmao horny” like you usually see my take part in. I more often then not, look at people talking about new additions and just having a good time, I don’t take part in those conversations as i have nothing to say there.

but these new trends of “1 reply i do fuckall” or “look i rickroll lmao comedy!!!” is really getting stale quick. The forums have the same energy as my fucking pfp.


We’re too bored so we’re turning into TikTok but without the dancing and lip singing


and thats why im doing my best to start lurking for the most part
so far i’ve succeeded

i mean like
the heck is this

Clearly it’s because the artists haven’t been posting enough horny and the writers haven’t been making enough shitposts.

I think youre in the wrong topic, if you want to discuss game-related stuff, theres a category for that. Off topic is just a no-man’s-land that’s more chaotic than the Balkans in the 90’s

it used to have some decency though

it was actually entertaining, believe it or not

We’re currently in the Off-Topic dark ages, which means the Off-Topic Renaissance is right after

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Forum’s dead 'till TGR my dude

It’s all off topic, there is no game category, it has been made irrelevant.

oh and it’s all using tierlists now, pretty cringe.

at least that’s reassuring

thanks for the idea


pain and anguish.

couldnt have said it better

da bomba predicts dat in april
dat da forum will be enter new saga

one without bomba

one without many
one without many…

What have I created…

GG on Minecraft Build too

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i made the 1 reply=5 pushups originally
the first time it was funny, everytime it happens it becomes less funny

oh yea I almost forgot about the poll


We can always go again