What to do if you're accused of using exploit from a high bounty player?

ngl this is a wild assumption he just didnt know how to use the term dawg

let’s just say that I am just calling people over to subdue a few targets, and got accused of being able to see through walls, yes

They’re literally saying you cant bounty hunt players and only stick to NPCs otherwise ban :skull:

well that went from 0 to 100, there literally was 0 indications that hate was remotely involved or relevant unless u really are on the semantic side of things.

it was pretty straight forward understanding to refer witch hunting in the joking metaphorical sense here where their group would ‘go nuts’ on finding a dude and getting a huge fight in. all for the sake of fun off a seemingly big deal powerful player w/ high renown ._.

only to turn into the topic at hand

refute them or straight up ignore their light ignorance unless u actually get banned. in these kind of situations it’s best to clip as well incase something does ever happen. if not u can just archive it or delete it if it doesn’t amount to anything.

I’m too serious for this.

it’s fine just treat things at a slow pace initially and catch urself jumping the gun which ppl do a lot of these days (myself included most likely at times)

Unfortunately, even if you was using ESP, I can’t begin to see how somebody could even begin to prove it.

They’d have to:
1: Prove you didn’t see them and follow them.
2: Prove they didn’t tell you where they were hiding as bait.
3: Prove you didn’t just straight out get lucky.