What weapon would you try to get? (AO)

One’s that are out and or seen ig


frying pan

sunken trident(it exsist)

Arcanium morningstar and arcanium greatsword

(I hope that morningstar is good i love morningstars and zweihanders)

I don’t care much about weapons but if there’s a really cool weapon that I can get relatively easily just cause i think it looks good, I’d probably want one that matches my magic/theme

sunken sword (no shit) Maybe a poison tooth dagger for another file arcanium war axe with wind any good shield, and arcanium claws (wind).

arcanium frying pan

slingshots, blowguns, naginatas, a scitmar, boomerangs, something that looks like a baseball bat that could do nasty knockback, aztec macuahitls, indian katars, zhua grabbing claws, urumis, a comically large spoon, would all be really cool to have

oh my god nobody’s listening

personally imma try and get an iron gs, the sky boss’s dual swords, and that one poison dagger

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I am

Dagger op

Big sword

wet sword
weeb stick
knock-off vast

Dual flintlocks rn ig for my gunslinger build, a good shield too ig but I got many WoJs and if it stays a shield I’ll have a pretty decent one. That’d be for my Captain America build

hi can i have the chekhov’s gun

katana, claws, dual scimitars

oh yeah i forgot about the long stick too i doubt there could be an arcanum version of that though

oh nice thats gonna be one of the best weapons, i’m personally going to aim for the deus ex machina, i hear its a pretty cool machine that gives me the power to do whatever the fuck the plot needs me to do

dual wield swords

also if possible i want it the be able to be joined on the right hand and make scissor like blades with explosive shields