What will Vitality builds have in early access?

Other builds have variety and adaptability (such as Arcanium Weapons and spell shapes). I’m just curious about what Vitality builds will have (if anything) in the early access.

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Alot of health

on early access, nothing

theyll have access to blasts and weapon/fighting style m1s only unless they invest in another stat

after a few months theyll get spirit weapons which we dont know much about other than that they scale with vitality

Dang that sorta sucks ngl, I’ll probably just make a Vitality build later on then

also if you want to keep vit as first fle, stat reset pots will be the first update after early access so u can switch over then

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Vitality supremacy, fuck the other builds!

you could also go 61%/39% if you want to technically still be a warden

wardens doing 2 damage to the mage:

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I don’t think spirit weapons will be a thing on release so…

basically nothing

Turns out full Vitality builds will have literally nothing…

I think Warden builds will have to either go up to Level 80 for the free stat reset or wait until there’s a potion to do so

The game physically won’t let you have a warden build

Well yeah I meant wannabe Warden builds


fuck vitality tho yall honestly think you get something special out of it?

you’ll get spirit weapons at some point

you got removed from early access xd

spirit weapons will have shit damage or deal less damage when your health is low im telling you