What would be all the personalities for each curse

Imagine stands in ao

their personality got blown away

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Wow hahah, your pun was so funn- jump off of stepstones now! And give somebody else your galleons!

this mutation chart is so old atomic isn’t even on here

this has to be like way back during AA’s beta or something

freespirited for wind

This topic has me thinking about how weird Cursebeard’s personality would be.

Im gonna assume cursebeard’s iron will would negate the mental effects of the curses

But like if Acheron wasn’t insane bro would have septapolar disorder.


This is a mutation chart, not a curse chart.
Curses aren’t absed on your personality, Mutations are.

Unless you’re refering to the fact that Curses used to alter their user’s personality but that was retconned.

When was that retconned

curses do alter personality, you must be thinking of curses causing insanity

does it alter it if they already acted like it (morden and death curse)

morden seems to be colder, blunter, and less emotional after getting the death curse

Or it’s just the need to return to emo phase (he never really grew out of it).

Morock has just sent me a revelation and confirmed this was true, and this also applies to Valencia

Plot twist:

What if instead of changing the user’s personality, the curse is drawn to people/Draws in people who match the personality.

This means that some people are just destined to be the top of the verse (Just like Mages)