What would be the solution for the Crown inflation

With the Codes, Crowns became worthless from a trading viewpoint and grinding for crown alone is not worth anymore since you can make a new file and transfer all the crowns from using codes to another account
Knowing this, What would be the best solution to solve this?
Since vetex is checking the forums more often this is the best time to discuss

Swap Arcane Odyssey’s currency over to USD and delete crown codes.

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I would cut codes that give a set amount of crowns and add more 2x crown multipliers. 2x crown multipliers actually made chest farming really fun(for me)

Literally limit codes for accounts that are 6 months old unless you got a better idea

A. Weakening or Removing codes
B. Making quicker money making methods
C. Dnc about galleons/crowns

man sounds so done lmao
but he’s got a point, the game is getting revamped

he don’t gotta do shit to the current game except make sure that any issues that pop up in it don’t pop up in AO.

this topic was made for solutions for code farming when AO not to complain about code farming and get codes removed right now

I only posted that link to say vetex addressed it long back and has a planned solution

oh gotcha.