What would happen if RK’ing Guildless’ still gave Infamy?

So, let’s imagine a scenario where vetex never introduced that you can only gain infamy from killing level 90 guild members, how do you think this would’ve affected the game (and some guild’s infamy count)?

Why is this a question?? you’ve experienced it yourself when guild update launched and it would only worsen as the game progressed

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The game would probably be dead by then, nothing but a wasteland full of toxic RKers

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I’d end up just killing every man.

Wouldn’t change anything, Suncry still murders every player they can find.

everything you said isnt even true but aight

prolly more like AA where people would camp low level spawns (if it carried over to AO) but now that there’s no reward for it people won’t have a reason to do it so i think it’s a good thing overall

…people in AA captured islands to get infamy

nah bro i’m talking about savaria people used to camp that shit out to kill low levels

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