What would you like to replace your boss drops?

Basically the title. Boss drops are being replaced, and I’d like to see what most people want as a replacement.

Preferred Boss Item Replacement
  • New gear of similar power
  • Permanent cosmetic
  • Just keep the gear as is
  • Other (comment it pls)

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this may or may not be used to make a suggestion, idk.

just keep them as is, i dont see why they should be replaced

Vetex said why .-.

The new gear of similar power could be magic weapons so its not that bad.

i’m fine with both permanent cosmetic of oath, exiled, mino armor and all that. same goes for a new boss gear of similar power which we likely might get with the new first bosses or smth

I personally really like how the exiled armor and weapons look. big sad if it gets removed entirely


it’s literally just mew :fr:

I’d love to have the magic dagger from AA (but its buffed decently) as a replacement for one of the weapons.

And make the armors cosmetic.

5k crowns per rare item ng DoubleRun told me so

Or just make everything cosmetic.

Question # 2: How do you feel about enchanted rare items? Do you want the replacement items (if that’s what vetex does) to come unenchanted, share the same enchantment as your previous gear, or come with an entirely random enchantment?

I would personally like enchantment scrolls, but that seems a little bit op, given the fact that they are supposed to be exotic rarity. (once again, not something I’m overjoyed about, but oh well.)

i really hate the oathkeeper so i’d be more than glad to have it gone lol
vastira is just doomswood club so i don’t really care about it
lets be honest, most of the armor was used for cosmetic, so getting cosmetics back for them is more than fine by me

exiled armor being tied for bis for defense with sunken :fr:
minotaur armor being bis for both nimble and strong :fr:

and did you use either?

yes? why is this a question
if they’re bis, no shit they’re being used

Sunken has 1 (I think) extra defence per level over Exiled.
Not sure about the number, but sunken is the true BiS for defence.

Just remove the enchantment. When enchantment scrolls come, we’d be fine.

i personally will be investing my boss drops in DoubleRun™️ stocks