What would you think about each magic type having a unique stat?

A unique stat that you can change like blast size, damage etc
For example, iron and gold could have a defensive stat that makes it block magic more easily (and increase hitbox for clashing with magic) at the cost of damage.
Wind could have a stat that lets it fling / do knockback (maybe even in a specific direction, like towards you) at the cost of more mana.
fire and poison could sacrifice on-hit damage for more overall damage from burning/poisoned.
Shadow magic could sacrifice mana and damage for ability to leach hp.
Water, snow and sand could leave bigger puddles/sand/snow that decrease enemy speed on them, but increase caster’s speed on them.
Magma could have slower projectile that does more damage from it’s puddles.
Plasma could have a degree of homing at the cost of damage and drastic decrease of explosion size.
In my opinion this would let magic be even more unique from each other (even if a couple share the same unique stat).

This stat would have the same slider as other stats in spell creation menu, so you could have a gold beam that’s slightly better at clashing, or a gold blast shield that blocks incoming magic.


Isn’t magic variation already a thing?

probably for awakened magics

yes? but how is that relevant here? unless its not what i think you are talking about, which is color variations of the same magic that are functionally identical

I’m just talking about the variation of speed, damage, clash, etc.

And lost and primordial will surely have cooler attributes, like Mud Magic slowing enemies

:frcryin: please change iron to differentiate from gold please the tiny speed difference does not make it as good as gold at all

Already will be a thing with heavy magics with certain skill types (modes, shields, etc.).

All attacks can already apply knockback, and there is a knockback stat, so is this really necessary?

Already a thing.

Unless I’m getting you wrong, Lifesteal is reserved for Art of Lazarus. This wouldn’t be very fitting for an elemental magic.

Sure, puddles/piles could slow down movement.

Magma is already slow, but its puddles do the same damage as other damaging puddles/clouds.

There’s going to be spell types that can home onto targets, so I don’t see why this would be needed. Plasma is already a lower-damaging, more destructive variant of Fire mechanically, so it shouldn’t need this.

Overall, Elemental Magics aren’t meant to be extremely varied to each other at this stage of the game. They will naturally start to vary more as we get stronger with new spells, and Lost/Primordial Magics will be much more unique.

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again im saying this isnt a yes/no kind of attribute but a slider that increase the special stat, like spell size, to the degree you want, but i guess a lot of my suggestion are already reserved for other magic
(i also didnt use wind magic so i didnt know or i forgot knockback stat exists)


shooketh, C O N S U M E

isn’t shadow magic, shadow?

:x: Art of Lazarus - Every attack heals the user for half of the damage dealt. In exchange, this magic is not very damaging.

a mod already pointed that out