What's a misconception about you personally OR about the community you're in

one misconception about me is that, just because i’m a rat, that i live in the sewers in new york. NOT TRUE. i live in the sewers of boston.


I am acid. I am corrosive. I am also a hallucination inducing drug. 759085745137778688

That I care what people think

that all writers write cringy shitposts, this isn’t true…

we don’t write at all.

because im noober, most people tend to think i’m more worse than noob :sob:

because i am

that Im homophobic ig

To clarify its a misconception of a community I’m in lol

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for the last fucking time mom i’m not gay



it’s true, we’re all dead

I would rather not say hehe. But despite how calm and relaxed I am. I am in a complete mess right now


Some people think I’m a furry. I am not.

is hehe a coping mechanism

Hehe maybe. I laugh my problems away but I wouldn’t go deeper into this hehe

im a guy
not a girl

that i like water

i don’t.

I think you’re forgetting someone

I’m not an alt despite what all the propaganda says

I have no idea who you’re talking about.

Is that a challenge?