Whats Coming First?

  • Deepwoken Layer 2
  • Arcane Odyssey

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Deepwoken devs on their way to release their update on the same day as AO to try and steal players


thats a shit idea for everyone involved but also
itd be funny


my wedding

damn bro guess we’ll all be dead before either of them then


The ultimate question

Tho being serious probably layar 2 due to the fact they stated it’s done basically they just doing bug fixes and small things of the nature. But the fact they said in may it would be done in 2 months💀

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Why are so many people voting for ao? They’ve stated that layer 2 is just testing and polishing rn while ao is missing a good amount of things, and isnt even coming for at least 2 and a half months

idk how long it would take to finish up layer 2 but yea


They said that exact same thing 3 months ago

never saw it :see_no_evil:

Idk i feel like they say theyre nearly done like every month, and then whenever people start getting annoyed about it, they leak a bit of the update to get people talking about something else

none theyre both figments of our imagination

Can’t wait for both I’m more hyped for deepwoken since it’s got new mainland features and I’ve played it

Have you seen the datamined leaks

Yeah they look good
Well they SOUND good