Whats the best news source? (FIXED)

  • Wax News
  • Magius Herald
  • WAX news
  • Thicc Fishe Newses

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never heard of any of them

why is wax news there twice

what are the others

i don’t understand

They’re different. One is Wax, another is WAX

i dont get the joke help

i don’t either

help x2

does nobody know of the existence of fat fish news or magius herald?

no…just magius news

@Perf @Mimhere

i have never heard of WAX news in my life


this is why ur never becoming a regular, its a mandatory requirment to read wax news

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where can i read wax news

First issue:

Second Issue:

aight imma change my vote

quality news

zero votes herald amazing

this is very HARD

@ultimatedragon321 you do realize what the magius herald guy done

No. I voted randomly to see who voted