Whats up, My names lance

Just a ordinary 5th generation WOM player.

hullo, welcome to the forums!



hello, Thank you for welcoming me

Welcome to the gulag this place has went to shit

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welcome to hell

Welcome to a forum of magic and unfunny jokes from me

Hopefully this isn’t any different from other hells ive been into.

Hi Lance. :fr:

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Welcome to le forums :tada:

Celebratory Cookie ^

Save yourself from this toxic wasteland.
Once you enter there is NO turning back.

Hi lance, how well you do against horses?

Welcome to hell, if you make a post talking about how much the forums have degraded chuckles we will crucify you!

they’ve already entered buddy, they were doomed from the start

Cool, Im familiar with hells like this.


we get controversial rants and simmilar every fucking 2 days or smth, and those are the toxic cesspools of the underworld

welcome to shithole forums

Hehe, welcome to the forums. Its a wasteland here right now so expect to talk about random stuff hehe.