What's up with Old Sword's damage?

These are what it’s stats are supposed to be, but…

This is what it is at level 70. No enchants btw.

It’s also stronger than Old Shortsword at the same level, even though Old Shortsword’s strength is supposed to be really good. At level 90 with Strong enchants, Old Sword does 43 M1 with 80 when held, while Old Shortsword does 41 M1 with 73 when held.


Stats for my two maxed out swords

Strong old sword stats and actual damage, comparison
The damage is the 43.

Strong old shortsword stats and actual damage, comparison.
The damage is the 41.

So what’s happening? I’m pretty sure enchants give equal buffs for all weapons, so that’s not the issue.


I might be/am probably, but don’t enchants gives percentage buffy for the weapons stats ?

Even if that were true, that would make Old Shortsword have better damage, not worse.
Not sure either though.

dont trust the wiki


Not just the wiki, I’m talking about in-game. The stats are also inaccurate in-game, as the pictures show. I only put the picture of the wiki there because it was correct this time.

oh yeah those stats bugged for some reason idk why just don’t use shortsword

wom is brokeered
also old sword better cause great spin

Wom weapons :-1:

Stuff is scaled differently because player stats also exist.

Not sure I understand what you’re saying.
Do you mean that:

  1. Vetex decided to scale weapons in a different way than he visually presented on account of player stats, or that

  2. The player stats end up scaled in a way different that what is visually presented because they’ve been affected by player stats?

You worded it vaguely so I can’t tell. Assuming it’s (2), though, then I don’t have any player stats that could reasonably affect that. This file only had Agility, Power, and Defence. Also, the stats are percentage based, last time I checked, so they wouldn’t have this result.

Doesn’t apply to this, but ao has revamped combat, so this kind of issue likely doesn’t apply to ao since everything new.

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