What's with jailing?

Ok, I wanted to make a complaint about the WoM jailing system for a while now, there are some issues I’ve had with it that I feel could be improved upon.

The first real issue I’ve had with the jailing system were threats, like seriously, I’ve hardly seen anybody talk about how weird the threat system is! From personal experience alone, the threat system hasn’t really been my cup of tea. Pretty much what happens is when you start a threat, they send magic council soldiers after you, and when you die/leave you get arrested, which I would be fine with, but this goes on almost forever with minimal way to end it while coming out in one piece, even if you leave the threat area the threat will still go on. This is extremely unfair towards bad rep players, and causing a threat feels more like a guaranteed one way ticket to jail rather than a possibly fun and exhilarating battle between you and the magic council.

The second problem I’ve had was with the jails themselves, if your cage/cell gets broken or you somehow escape (I’m not really sure how else you’d escape though) the jail timer still keeps going, resets your bounty and raises your rep despite you no longer being in MC captivity.

My last issue I’ve had with the jailing system, were the appearance of the jailing icons. One time when I combat logged (accidentally) I declined my MC arrest, and I fought the magic council, blah blah blah, but then eventually when the second wave of MC soldiers appeared my surrender option and green combat symbol were gone, and I was like “Oh, if I die then I won’t go to jail!” which I was incredibly wrong about, I was bombarded and killed by beams from the captains, and I got the death screen “You died
Arrested by Captain (I forgot his name)” and yeah.

This is my first ever big WoM rant so it’s bound to be horrible.


*Insert obligatory “TGR will fix this” here *


Dang man, I sure hope it’ll be better

tl;dr jailing is very scuffed, would not recommend being caught