What's your favorite aa/ar island

my favorite is doom island because the boss is cool and it’s small and calm

(altavista sucks)

That one island peaks in the 3rd Sea or Sunrise Ravine

Cerulea. It’s just beautiful.

In AR that would be the memorial to Vetex and I think his brother

It’s Vetex and tech.

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The overgrown ship that was sort of turned into an island. Spawn island in the second sea.

based :flushed:

sage is an absolute buttplug change my mind

permafrost island, idk i just liked sliding around on the ice

cerulea specifically during the level 1000 cap

people just throwing out 900 damage blasts and ultimates at the falling water

me creating an army of level 1000 dead revival wizards close to spawn points but far away enough for nobody to come near

the server being stuck in nighttime for an hour so there was nowhere to go


That one island with grass and land. You know what I’m talking about

Savaria, Idk why but I just love the desert theme style in maps or builds.

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