What's your moveset?

What’s your moveset like? You don’t need to provide a GIF or image or anything, you can just say yours. I just thought this would be pretty fun to do.
I think I kinda went fullout anime with mine.

Ink Magic: Royal Carnival

Ink Magic: Radical Bomb

Ink Magic: Magnum Blitz

Show us yours down below!

To send a video like that just have your gyazo link by itself on a line and it’ll expand outwards into a onebox.

Q = 20% 20% blast
E = 100% 100% blast
R = 60% forwards high jump
F = 10 20% 20% blasts
V = 100% placed pillar
C = 100% 5x self sphere

Q is a 100% blast.
E is a placed explosion with 100% radius, and 1 duration.
R is a triple 100% blast.
F is a 20% blast.
V is a self explosion with 80% radius and 1 duration.
C is a 50% boost that propels forward.

Q - A small sized blast.
E - A full size placed explosion.
R - A full sized blast.
F - 100% jump power that boosts upwards.
V - 5 blasts with 70% of the size per projectile.

Q= A 100% normal blast.
E= A 100% 6x barrage
R= A Self-centered 100% 2x sphere explosion
F= A placed 100% 1x Pillar explosion
V= A 80% Vertical high jump