Whats your worst memory in WOM?

Title says it all.

My worst memory was during the open beta 4 I think. Two people (ice) and (Ink) kept freezing me over and over again. It was horrible to fight them all by myself but its funny now that I look back at it. Tell me your worst memory maybe we had the same experience :joy:.

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How did the fight last long enough for you to get frozen multiple times?

It was near Ironport and once you die you spawn right back outside of it. Meaning I was always spawning where they were.

when i lost to an iron magic on the 4th and final WoM test and it wasnt even close the guy destroyed me, its the only time i lost a 1v1 :sob:

got ganged up by level 60 earth users while i was level 30 and then i after that i kept getting spawn killedd by a light user

4th early access day 1 when swimming is a pain in the ass

I’m probably a coward for this, but eh
I was going to go fight King David Silver as a hostile when 3 high rep players jumped me and proceeded to attack me when I didn’t even attack them first. Though I did retaliate, it was a feeble attempt.
This happened twice.

being attacked by like 5 people from noble.

noble winning though

falling in water and instantly drowning

wouldn’t that be noble won? thonks

Being Trapped in Ironport with absolutely nothing to do in Open Beta 2.

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Was fighting a paper user and suddenly an ink user comes out of nowhere.

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Getting jumpscared by a lighting captain using his/her beam and then paralyzing me and decaptiating my limb while summerhold’s walls fell on me. I sure do love getting hit by a bolt of lightning and losing my limb though.

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The river… not the river…
I mean the river before release, when there was no way to escape


Discovering that shadow and light (the magics me and my friend use) not only decrease the other’s damage, but have no synergies whatsoever


Actually you had a way to escape which me and my friend learned as we used magma and ice. You just spam jumped and hope that you made it on top of the platform thanks to roblox physics. But god was it horrifying not knowing how to escape beforehand :frcryin:

I did manage to survive once by literally travelling around the continent at that time to reach the beach once.
My friend had ice but was way too laggy to help me or maybe a bit too dumb

Being a high rep and getting attacked by high reps for absolutely no reason.

Trying to level a character, running around and not being able to find any quest for a whole hour

i relate to your feelings.