When 2nd And 3rd Magic Come Out What Combos Do You Think Will Be Meta?

What Combos Will Be Meta
  • Frozen + Heavy Magic
  • Petrify + Heavy Magic
  • Soaked + Lightning
  • Other
  • There won’t be a meta

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IF there is a meta it would be Explosion + fire + poison = best combo

water + ice and ice until soak gone = even better combo
u getting that 25% bonus from water and 20%/2 from frozen

I just realized that as soon a guild update comes out anyone that uses Ash will be considered a metamancer because of it’s buffs

until they look at the file gen lol

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Why doesn’t anyone realize the potential of snow blind + freeze? :pensive:

That’s what file generation if for like macobre said

All of the combos seem good on paper but will suck in practice

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i do, i’m doing snow and wind for knock back, blinding, and frozen

Frozen and Heavy magic just, doesn’t work. I don’t see why people don’t realize it. You can literally get out of frozen in seconds, by the time you cast a “heavy” magic in that time, your enemy will have already escaped. You’re just better off hitting them with another hit of what originally froze them…
Same goes to Petrify

If you currently get paralyzed, it’s basically insta-death for you. If lightning+soak and a dmg build allows players to do enough dmg to paralyze in a single blast, well, that’s gonna pretty powerful.

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Yea das true