When AO releases

What do you think?
How many players?
How much toxicity rise? (pls in percentages)

[Also because I used ‘please’ none of you will be using percentages then just use numbers]


A lot

A lot%




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also why tf does adopt me have so many damn players
It’s shit

Oh wait I just realized

Kids have shit taste in everything

Players: At it’s high, probably 10k, but for the long run, probably 5k? 1k?
Toxicity: 50%, The children are all going to either be bullied or start ganking themselves. Either that or be clueless lmao.

At release it’ll probably be like 20K like WoN usually was, but yeah at the most if it was consistent it would 5 - 10K people

actually, you have shit taste, kids have excellent taste, don’t disparage adopt me like thattrollface

Adopt Me Bad give me upvoots

(Just kidding, get over here so that I can give you a spanking that east-asian children all learn when they don’t study!)

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The only prospect about Adopt Me that I, as a sane moral-driven being supports, is forcefully propelling small children off large bridges to their untimely demise.


True that

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