When fighting the Minotaur, he is not the boss-YOU are (MEME?)

Think about it. You’re smarter than the Minotaur, you know exactly when to dodge his attacks and when to block, and he isn’t smart enough to dodge your attacks or perfectly block your attacks with his Mighty Crash. He doesn’t use his charge at you enough, and even when he does, you’re normally above him. We are level 80, he is level 200. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t defeat you. Even if he does “kill” you, you can just respawn. You will personally go out of your way to defeat him, even if he “kills” you. When you take damage, you heal. When he takes damage, he doesn’t. You are like a god compared to him. Unkillable. You heal (yoo every WoM player has healing magic confirmed?). Depending on what tracker you have, you always know where he is. He fears you, knowing that at any moment he will inevitably be defeated. He tries to taunt you, but he knows it’s useless.

Because of this, we can conclude, that the next time you fight the Minotaur (or Exiled, but the Exiled is a bit smarter), you can say, welcome to the arena, i am the boss.

Oh god why did I make this? I only posted this because I thought about it after reading a welcome to the arena, i am the boss joke somewher eon the Forums


minotaur is the boss

you must have a weird definition of boss lol

unless you see the player as the boss:


So sans? (10 characters)

Videogame bosses are generally dumb strong people that you can predict very easily so…

We’re just bullies

Welcome to the boss I am the arena

Now all we need is a theme music