When the Imposter is Sus Magic

When the Imposter is Sus Magic's circle.

Wait, what is When the Imposter is Sus Magic?
When a wizard with double Aether magic combines both of their Aether magics, it results in this extremely instable magic. It's so unstable, it could possibly destroy the entire solar system if it is used too recklessly. On the other hand, despite the Magic's extremely long cast time, with the Q's cast time clocking in at a whopping 20 SECONDS, however, this magic can ONE SHOT ANYTHING. ANYTHING. Except Durza, you need to use it twice against him.

Ultimate Spell: Suspicious Annihilation

First, the user summons up a humongous Magic Circle...


...then begins to charge a huge amount of suspicious energy...


...before unleashing it as a GIGANTIC beam, that, mentioned before, will one-shot almost anybody or anything in the entire game. If the beam itself doesn't hit you, then sure will the massive shockwave that this move creates.



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No one talk about the effort in effects?


Vetex should add this best suggestion ever.

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i see that someone was inspired by my amazing sus magic suggestion
this one is even better.
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I hate how much effort is here, but I love it at the same time.