Where do you buy backpacks?

Where do you buy backpacks lmao? Tailors?

I believe you find them in chests or by traveling merchants.

you can’t buy them directly unless someone sells them to a merchant/travelling merchant

you can find them in chests/fishing and shit though

I think merchants can sell them even if no one has sold it to them.
I haven’t seen a merchant that sells backpacks, but I see no reason why they shouldn’t exist.

merchants, chest, or random person selling them at smith

Ah, so I must fish in a pond to obtain thy Sunken Backpack.

What perks do backpacks give? Or are they just vanity items?

around 14-20 def if i remember correctly

Around 20-14 Defense. I bought one from someone recently, and it didn’t really give that much def.

I’ve seen a merchant or two that sell them

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