Where does the vastus race descend from?

On the discord, people stated that pure vastus were extinct during WoM and AA, so would they come from AO?
If vastus wasn’t extinct during AA as well, would we have seen giants in the storylike?

nvm, discovered that vastus went extinct during AA
AA trello shows that there were only 4 half vastus remaining on this page, being verdies, cursebeard, kraken, and ulysses
now im wondering, which 1 (or more) of these people had kids for minotaur to exist

That’s what I’m wondering too. The minotaur is an Old Sea Viking so maybe that could be related to him being giant

Either that or Mino is just shredded as fuck
so this whole convo is worthless

he’s confirmed part vastuu

there are only 4 half vastus remaining that we know of
who knows, maybe some random 1/16th vastus that we know nothing of boned a random woman of Old Sea Viking descent resulting in lil’ Mino.

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well you see, the very page you linked says and i quote:

“There are only four known Vastus hybrids left: Verdies , Arthur the Cursebeard , A.G. Captain Ulysses , and The Kraken

This makes sense as the Minotaur was an Old Sea Viking and well… none of these four lived in the Old Sea.

So there were other vastus hybrids in the Old Sea, perhaps even a pureblood?