Where, why, and/or how did you get your profile picture?

I got mine through google by searching something Universe related for my guild logo. Then I found this image and used it for my guild logo until I got a real logo for my guild. Now, it is my pfp. What about you guys? I’m really curious about how some of you got your pfp, so please tell me

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suzumiya haruhi because why not

The one I have now is just the more vivid pink/lilac version of my Moonlight Rabbit thing but reversed.

The old one,

, is just the sprite of Akechi in Joker’s hair and glasses. Jokechi.

I asked a friend of mine to draw my WoM character.

i just took some meme that i dont remember where it was for my pfp

Found a weird image on 4chan. Knew it was golden

drew it a little while ago, it was a fun little project

I made it myself using blender and affinity photo

Drew mine as my first digital drawing.

search for tog artists on social media. highly recommend watching and reading it.

Took an image of an orange snake with a top hat, colored it yellow, and added a purple flower. And also added blush marks

some dude memed my face and I liked it

My WoM character art i think?..

just look at me, do i look like a person?

Mine comes from an Artist’s Twitter who draws Realm of the Mad God-related stuff.

Oh yes, tell me more.
I’ve had like 5 Profile Pictures as of the time of making this post.
The first one was this picture of Pannacotta Fugo with shades on
Screen Shot 2020-02-25 at 1.51.14 PM
the pfp i’m referring to had the text bubble edited out but this is the closest I have of it

The next one was Blues from the Rockman series in some really neat coloured art style
Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 5.08.28 PM
didn’t last long, sadly.

my most recognisable pfp is mostly this one, the one I had during my “uprising” in the forum
I’ve talked about this one before so I’ll just skip it

the one to replace my previous pfp was of Judas from The Binding of Isaac.
Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 19.40.15
I have this as my PFP in other forums, even if I did swap out of it after a short while in here.

now for my current one. Which is the character icon of Aile from Rockman ZXA.
Screen Shot 2020-09-17 at 21.07.30
unlike the others, this is ripped directly from a game.

I’m probably gonna get another soon anyway, might as well display the old ones here

toad funny, i switch it every so often because idrc and then steal a funny one off of google or a random vid i was watching

I watched Gurren Lagann 4 years ago, I liked Gurren Lagann. My 12 year old self liked the flaming skull logo so I put it as my pfp on a few things and haven’t changed since.

I made it myself on a lego star wars icon generator on roblox

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