Which adverts do you HATE

Which adverts do you despise with all your soul?

mobile game ads that are fake

IKR, mobile games have the WORST ads. They literally false advertise and do stuff like “my mom vs my dad” or “noob vs pro”.

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or this:

99% cant beat this

i cant beat x level

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most of my TV ads in my country
they all try too hard to be relatable to young people

Reminds me of nickelodeon…

Any add that I’ve seen more than twice

raid: shadow legends

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The semi-NSFW ads I get when I’m trying to read manga

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shitty mobile ads that have a total smooth brain constantly fail to solve an extremely easy puzzle game

mobile game ads that show jiggly ass cheeks

any presidential campaign ad, like stfu i wanna watch videogamedunkey’s review on Gex

(I don’t care for politics at all if you haven’t noticed already, just too much arguing)

  1. Mobile game ads
  2. Global message ads
  3. Robocalls

Roblox group/game ads. Always the exact same thing. Before vs After. Posing as real military groups. Fake celebrity profiles. Always the same and has been for years.

do you want to know

how much brain cells

i have lost from roblox group/game ads

it’s always just

  • “before you join, you’re a noob with 0 robux, but afterwards, you’re fucking FABULOUS with 97348009847343098663408934678 robux”,
  • some clothing group,
  • “Hey BaconHair123, wanna play some random game that i chose to advertise with some shitty template-” “no i play admin obby”
  • or some other bullshit

thats one reason why i got adblock, so i can stop seeing these horrid ads everytime i log on

I would rather keep them on just so I can make fun of them

I think those are entertaining but I don’t click on them

every ad i hate. i hate consumer culture.