Which boss' drops are better

Cause generally I think exiled > minotaur for drops, the oathbreaker is a better weapon than the axe but like idk if I’m just a weirdo

minotaur armor set is the only thing viable for weapon main but his weapons suck. exiled has the best weapons but the armor is mid, just a worse sunken but with a less useful secondary stat

Tbh I think I’d go with Mino on this. While both armor sets aren’t meta the exiled’s armor set is second to sunken armor. On the other hand, for the role mino armor fills, there is no better alternative. Mino armor is the best for weapons files. It may be a niche role but I’d rather have something that satisfies that role over armor that gets outclassed in an other somewhat niche role

As far as weapons goes it’s a 2v1 comparison. Oath is not worth using without strength investment and when it comes to WoJ and Vast I’d say the Vast is the better option. Blocks the second most amount of damage and can deal damage itself.

Overall I’d say mino’s items are underrated and the superior option to me.

hard vastira is good i suppose if you’re good at pblocking since you don’t have to worry about durability, and it could also be used to apply bleed if you use something like wood/earth but using the ability isn’t a good idea unless you’re just destroying somebody bad at the game. not practical for real fighting

if youre a weapon main yes
otherwise no

Whatever you can get is better, don’t spend time to to grind for a drop that has 2% better stats, go touch grass

i think you’re in the wrong community my guy

You aren’t wrong

No. I want armor that gives 4 more defense than a boss set.