Which colour crayon does the Minotaur like most?

Let’s be real. Minotaur is built STUPID, so which colour crayon do you think he likes to eat most? :thinking:

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I feel like he would just eat any color tbh

but if I have to pick one for him, I’ll either choose brown or red one

Trueee, he would probably just eat the entire pack with the paper, brown and red are pretty fire tho so idk, purple is a personal favourite ngl.


He would eat the entire class room maybe school.
(btw: I just noticed the crayola box looks like a grinning smile, I now hate it )


I’m about rip you apart

what the fuck is that
this polar bear represents how I feel after seeing that

i forgot i didnt draw exiled feeding mino

but i made the other way round sooo


green, red and brown it is then

burn it, cast it into the fire, destroy it

How did this go from what crayon minotaur eats, to minotaur x exiled drawings

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i remember you making this

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the minotaur and exiled had successfully fed crayons to each other


all of them, he’s just built different.