Which lettuce looked better

My curiosity is on the rise once again and I want to know if my previous meta knight pfp looked better than the SpongeBob image I changed to yesterday.
Images in question


Which did I wear better?
  • Meta-knight
  • SpongeBob waiting

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I’m probably going to stick with SpongeBob or change to a SpongeBob I enjoy more because the original three seasons are so memorable but I’m curious if people got too used to my old one.
Also, how well known am i on the forums? Am i somebody everyone could know or just another person on the forums?

the aloe vera dinosaur

You know I always felt like I came off as a jerk with this pfp

lol maybe cuz the smug look

btw what’s the name of that other plant in the image where it’s captioned “something malicious is brewing”

Oh Lima pleurodon
Why do the plant Dinosaurs look the goofiest


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The spongebob one is more iconic, popular, arguably looks better.

But megaknight is more unique, and they do about the same anyways.

I love democracy

i joined like less than a month ago and you were meta knight so i dunno im just used to it

i am not bias

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we love democracy.
also, quick added question: how well known am i to the other forumers here?

you are 1 of the five people i recognise but i guess im not really too important so idk (other four would be dubious, divanochi, maple and multi)

i remember you from the wom wiki

Sadly I can’t remember back

The way I see it, the easier you can make out the details of a PFP the better.

So meta knight is easier to discern than SpongeBob right now or backwards

sprry but i’m gonna have to go with Iceberg