Which magic(s) do you think is unpopular and why?

The question is in the title, which magic do you think is unpopular and why do you think that?

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Water can considered not popular because well what people expect from water being hurt? and the soaked effect makes them feel generic to most player’s

POV: You wake up one day, realizing you can use Magic, but turns out you can only use PAPER

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Earth, water, acid. I don’t see a lot of those users—only once for earth and water.

Also, earth is visually unappealing (beam) compared to other magics

iron magic because gold is pretty much an improved iron

Because it’s WOOD.
You have all these unique and cool magics and then you have WOOD

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To date, I have not seen a single apprentice wizard with ink magic. Why? Because it’s just such a random choice for a magic to be based on what you use in writing. Statistically, it’s the exact same thing as water except having slightly less damage. Right now, it’s unpopular because it’s more of a support magic and doesn’t work too well as a standalone.

However, when second magics become a thing it will be a VERY popular choice as a second magic. On one hand, you have paper users going for that scribed effect combo, and on the other hand, you have to consider that ink magic’s inked effect lasts noticeably longer than water’s soaked effect. This will make it a better choice to use instead of water for ice magic users. It is also just generally a good choice for other magics such as lightning because its effect lasts longer (Although there is a slightly less damage buff than soaked). It will be a popular choice for a second magic due to its ability to synergize so well with many magics.

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Wood, ink, glass and sand.

Sand, wood, snow, earth, crystal, and paper. I know paper is kind of the meta due to it’s DoT but it’s still pretty unpopular. People like magics that sound or look strong. Not only that but some magics like Sand and Snow only work well with other magics and are bad solo magics, so until the second magic update happens they’ll pretty much remain irrelevant.

crystal and earth because has lacks the amount of damage needed to compensate for the slow speed meaning they cant do what iron and gold do and just spam self explosion and kill. They dont got a way to counter any playstyle and generally people think they bad

If I had paper magic irl I wouldn’t complain at all.

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Yea, butt what if everybody else had magic too. I mean, lots of people are wizards in the WoM

Paper is good, though.

Fire can burn it, shadow can degrade it, water can make it super soft, poison can erode it.

The only thing it got going for it is that it can beat rock

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Wood is unpopular because it’s lame compared to manipulating fire, lightning or magma.

:ice_magic_var1: , people usually doesn’t talk about it and i didn’t see any people more than me and once a guy with ice magic, and i pvp quite a bit, with almost 60 player kills i didn’t see anyone with a ice magic.

ink…because it’s ink.

ink losing :pensive:

Common magics: lightning, light, shadow, ice, magma, plasma, explosion, fire.
Not so common magics: wind, water, crystal, glass, paper, snow.
Rare: earth, gold, ash, ink, poison.
Impossible: wood.

Ain’t , most if not everything you just said is wrong , firstly , ink will not become a very popular choice as a second magic because one : ink is already unpopular as a first magic , two : there already not alot of people using paper ( which if you didn’t know the amount of paper user is even less than ink user ) so that mean ink will be chosen less as a second magic , three : most people will be choosing water because it is pretty much a better option , I will explain why later on
Secondly the inked status effect may last longer than soaked but that won’t matter much since all the combo that ink get involved in doesn’t require a longer lasting soaked effect especially for ice and lighting , ice get rid of the ink effect anyway and it not like a longer lasting soaked effect going to boost a ice blast chance of hitting anyway and I’m pretty sure the inked effect would lower ice attack chance of hitting since your target would be jumping around all over the place and I’m pretty sure the ink + ice combo deal less damage than ice + water too , thirdly for lighting this part is where you’re most wrong about , lightning + ink is much much worse than lightnings + water , first : the fact that the inked effect only boost lighting by 10 or 15 % while water boost it by 25 % , second : the fact that the inked effect lasting longer doesn’t matter because it not like you’re gonna be using lighting multi blast attack anyway , lightning paralysis effect doesn’t stack with multi blast but it only stack with one shot so this mean that using ink in-game combo with lightnings is gonna decrease your chance of activating lightning effect and the ink + lightning combo just deal less damage and is less effective overall .
So yeah this is why ink is not better than water in any way possible since all of combo is just the exact as water but have much much worse and if you check on the element pie chart , ink is less popular than water as a first , second and third magic , so yeah sorry that I have to break it to you that ink is not better than water but actually worse