Which magics are fun for conjurer?

im thinking of starting a conjurer file and i have never touched weapons in my life, can someone tell me an ez magic and best stat allocation?

I would use explosion

title: Which magics are fun for conjurer?

idk go sand 120m/130w or something

yea, just some extra info

Use whatever looks coolest

everything but the heavier magics imo, those are really hard to use with Conjurer due to how slow the skills are with it

The most easiest magic for conjurer is prob still Shadow, but use whatever you like. The most famous stat spread is 100M 150W for them Scimitars and Cernunno Staff, but 120M 130W is not too bad either since you get double beam, snare and can still use Kai Sabre/Iron weapons

ok ill see

Honestly the magics that are good for warlocks arent the best for conjurer aswell, sure you’ll deal good dmg with shadow or crystal or sand but IMO DoT conjurers are much more lethal and harder to deal with

wind + greatsword

tho im no longer one, “Wind Mountain Wind” will always remains in my heart

Magma conjurer. Slow, there is no buts, its slow