Which one will you pick

I will pick Phoenix or aether.

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i’m going for a space-themed character so either aether, lunar, or gravity

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i dont really know how any of them will work but darkness or phoenix would be what i’d pick

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Inferno and aether already have videos on them, just type up “aether lighting Arcane adventure”

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def healing or inferno

i’d take either storm or aether lightning, im going for a thunderstorm-magic themed character for my first slot
maybe i’d take inferno for my other slot

Nice. I was maybe going to go for inferno for my fire character, but I had a feeling maybe a lot of people were going to pick that, so I changed my choice to Solar instead, since it sounds just as cool as inferno.

For my wind character I’m going to for gravity definitely

Reflector sounds interesting too

I will definitely go for dispelling, because we know exactly what each of them does and how to obtain them.
The data on these features is so all encompassing and correct to every last detail, I am not sure why everyone is not picking dispelling because it is clearly better than all of the others.

Probably because it takes a lot of energy, and while it sounds the best we would need to wait and see.

I was going for inferno too but might change it to flare for the hopefully extreme aoe and dot. Though I would be happy to get at least one

100% Shadow for me, I just prefer it.

I’ll be doing support for one of my characters and for that ill be picking healing and dispelling
For offense, slash and flare or sound and lunar

cough cough, sarcasm, cough cough

I’ll probably pick it gravity, it seems interesting.

Pressure seems like a cool zoning tool, but otherwise I would not mind around half of them.

Probably anything that can work well with ink magic. If not, then probably just pheonix magic.

thats aether lightning not aether

You left out gravity, which is what I would go with. If diamond is good against frozen targets then I’ll probably pick that.

Inferno and Flare

Aether lightning or storm.