Which story line would you choose?

  • Villain
  • Hero

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I regret choosing villain tho

losing your surname is kinda pog

It’ll probably be cool so that you can attach titles etc, also would be dope to be called Joseph the Destroyer or something other than Joseph Barion the dark wizard

going for hero on my second file and possible my main, and villain for my third

Hero sounds cooler (biggest threat the world has ever faced), but villain also seems cool

I’m just goin hero right now because I don’t wanna get chased, but in the future I wanna main a villain storyline because I feel it would be more fun, especially when I can actually fight back against the MC.

If we consider you will most likely keep a reputation similar to the storyline you chose, villain is probably more fun since you don’t have any restriction but hero is more useful with having an access to towns and shops.
Like villain is really fun for a short while but on the long term hero definitevely wins in my opinion, unless said villain decide to temporarily go above tyrant rep to do some shopping, but it can take a while to do so.

Right now I’d say of course hero comes out on top, there’s just so many benefits to being a good rep. What I was thinking about was the future of the game, when we become much stronger and gain access to forbidden magics and rare items that will be much better than what you can buy in regular town stores.

I feel for those experienced at the game and who will want the forbidden magics, villain storyline will become better once the benefits of being a villain actually come out.

I’am just make 2 of the same files of Veronica Gates

I thought hero was the best storyline XD

Hero is better because heros always win.
Ok honestly speaking the storylines aren’t that well fleshed out yet so…
In other news there aren’t that many forbidden magics.
Nor do I seek to use them.
Also someone return Equinox into existence thanks.
Rare items may actually be easier to get as heroes (i.e. sunken sword).
In the end it’s a choice of what you see for your character. I never once considered going villain for my main nor will I.

i did half hero half villain to balance it out

Yeah same, its so much easier to farm the exiled on a hero storyline

My first and seconds slots are heroes. I’m saving my third slot for the Keihatsu culture and villain story