Who else?

Who else is switching to light+crystal in AO :nod:

(I’m going moonlight and a blue or purple crystal) :>

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I might try it on a separate file just to see how viable it is

I’ve been a light user since the start so I’m def going crystal.

:nod: I wanted to switch to light for a while but I REALLY hate lvl grinding, like a lot

I think it was mostly the fact that you had to run a lot just to do one quest and then run back just to complete it, which is understandable. At least you’ll probably be able to vibe on your boat whilst doing a quest

I hate doing quests because they take ages to find :fr:

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There’s two sides to the quests

The ones that ask you to find their files inside a fountain
The ones that glitch out after you kill the bandits/wizards and stops the tracker from appearing


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Kinda hope we still get those item retrieval quests or something similar for higher ranks, fighting npcs was fun but it got repetitive after a while

I just wanna be able to not be bored out of my mind to grind

Yeah I get what you mean, I didn’t really mind all the running around since I like doing chest hunting and such but it does get really boring at times, I haven’t even touched my other files yet since I couldn’t really be bothered with levelling up atm

I get lvl 90 in 2 hours ez111!!! 11

I mean you can just wait till tgr comes out to switch out since you’ll get to reselect your magic

also been with light since the start of wom and aa first magic i chose and i’m dropping water cause i plan to get lunar magic hopefully and it’s already a water like magic so gave the final nail on having water or not.

I already have a light file but I’m probably still not using Crystal

I leveled a file in 1.7 hours gg ez. :nod:

i definitely wanna try out crystal now with its new effect

You motha fu-


i have an unfinished light file, so I guess i’ll go light+crystal on it cause light has barely any synergies, plus i’ve always wanted to use crystal, it’s always looked fun