Who here is skilled in assasination or hunting players?

idk, the topic says it all,

well not all, when i mean hunting players i mean you have no idea where they are and you hunt for them without them knowing that ur hunting for them, like when u see a guild player in a server and u try to find them, and kill them, and kill their comrads for more free infamy :}

so… eee?

Ik this isn’t the answer you’re looking for but i’m just gonna say I suck at pvp and hunting

i guess im fine at hunting, im below average-average and know all the basics of the game, i just need to get better at blocking and at AIM ALOT, if i miss with shadow then i honestly suck at aim.


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i can hunt players and find them in about 2-10 mins, but i never know when im the one being hunted.

reminds me of those 2 episodes of the hunter x hunter exam where you had to hunt sum1 and sum1 was hunting you

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you must be hyped that shadow just got revamped

:} HUH? what got revamped?

y it need a revamp? its like a s tier magic and in the top 5 of best magics that r very basic and good to use

It was just visual lol, u should check out the trello

the last time ive checked the trello was 4 days ago, and usually its a daily basis, i am forgetting things which is a bad thing

this mf really looking for the wom hitman… god those bandits better look out


… im not looking for wom hitman, i just wna know who r the skilled player hunters

but yEs

hop off wom

decent at finding them i guess but as for the killing part i can only do that if they’re worse than me at the game (which is most of the time)

dudes hella skill issue :sob:

yk, that might be a good idea, i might hop on AR…

Hop off AR

get an alt and convince them to join a team