Who npcs you want to beat at arcane odyssey!

you can chose only 3

  • “Sky boss” (Boss)
  • Cernyx, the Archon of Greenwish (Side Boss)
  • “Fort Talos boss” (Boss)
  • Rookie Sailors/Rookie Captains
  • Average Sailors/Average Captains
  • Strong Sailors/Strong Captains
  • Commodore Kai, the Red Sabre (Mini Boss)
  • Architect Merlot, the Waltz of Death (Mini Boss)
  • Lady Carina, (title is a spoiler) (Boss)
  • “Bronze Sea final boss” (Boss)
  • Iris, the Anomaly (Boss)
  • Jaw Pirates
  • Frost Brigands

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I want to solo Cerynx to prove I’m the better earth magic user, the best earth magic user.

Fort Talos boss looks like such an absolute beast that you can’t not include him in the 3

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only rookie sailors nothing else :smiley:

obviously i’m gonna be farming all bosses and mini bosses for their drops and get 2-3 sets of the drops at some point if not more depending on how versatile they can be for any theme but for now i’d prob aim for

and of course the final bronze sea boss

when ao releases and i rework my main file and their lore with 2 other characters tied to him.

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i want them flare magic drop ( joke i just want battle with he for know how flare looks like