Who would be the biggest guild target whenever Arcane Odyssey releases?

The title says it all
According to the information gathered :nerd_face:

  1. Suncry
  2. ??? (probably either The silent order, Doge nation or any other guild that has been in major controversy)
  3. CC




Likely SunCry, of course, because people can’t let go of the past


Definitely suncry and maybe a few top LB guilds too

suncry slander

if we’re talking biggest, it’s finna be suncry because every wom player and their entire extended family has been ganked by them one time or another (apparently)
imo i have much more specific guilds me and my guild are gonna target the shit out of when ao drops

Actually, it could be azure sorcery, namely Vetex

Y’all remember his Discord post where he said that he would make a custom if he got spawnkilled when AO releases?

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whatever clan is 1st, Suncry, and CC Those are the 3 that come to me

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Yeah cc has annoyed ppl

yes feed me your renown

Youtuber clans

yep annoyed me enough to leave

probably depending on the youtuber
Id say clans that would get targeted are, flamingo, those yters that use chat instead of editing, and despised ones.


he doesn’t really stick to progression based games like ao i doubt he would make more than a couple videos on it

He only made one video on World of Magic :frpensive:

ah hell naw

me eventually because i will get clout