Who would win if old theos fought durza

I think Theos would win if it was a 1v1 but what do you guys think

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I think Durza would win bc Theos was heavily weakened by his old age, but he definitely wouldn’t go down without beating the absolute sh#t out of Durza again and giving him some permanent injuries

I think Theos would refrain from a 1v1 tho, bc if Durza’ absorbed his power, it would be joever for the 7 seas

If he was in his prime he might win, considering how Durza has been growing in power over the last few hundred years, so it could really probably go either way, but I’m betting that even if Theos goes down he wouldn’t without taking Durza with him

THEOS ON TOP :speaking_head:

I think Theos would still have won, the only reason Prometheus won is because Prometheus has objectively more durability and potential than Durza. Durza, having the Absorption Curse only was likely one of his only 2 weaknesses, since it doesn’t provide any defensive abilities. Theos would still probably be mortally wounded.

Morock solos both even with only 1 finger, blindfolded and sitting down on a chair btw.



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actually how tf does prometheus even get revived with this new lore doc change




same one i provided that told you that the absorption curse provides no defensive capabilities. I’ve sent this to you twice.

+prometheus is probably waay stronger, since he scales to just a bit below Arthur, who would obliterate durza

prometheus was still restricted due to being undead, but I still believe that as a titan, his body was way more durable since he was the pinacle of the unity of Chaos and Creation
(peak magic and spirit energy)

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I have a better question, how strong would an arcanium musket be if theos imbued onto it

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Id say Durza would win because ever since their last fight, Theos had only grown weaker with age, whilst Durza had grown even stronger since then by absorbing more magics and curses, and of course he can’t age due to his curses

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Probably very strong

You also forget that his power does actually increase because his armour and staff have continual access to his magic that seeps into them

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And the fact that apotheosis can use all three of his minds without magic circles

I just read through the lore again and I found a new bit that says " some even claiming he was more powerful than King Arthur"

If Theos was at least relative to Cursebeard then thats actually insane

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Yeah but in AA Theos himself said that Arthur was stronger than him

Nah, I doubt so, I think this was just written in because both would have been from the same region (England) and both would have been powerful magic users.

Cursebeard would definitely wipe Theos, but Theos is definitely strong, strong enough to be in the same league as higher end curse users.

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Yeah but it wouldnt be in the lore doc if it wasnt at least somewhat accurate

Good point

Either way, both of them get destroyed by our blue eyed king morrock :crown: :crown:

such facts :sob::pray:

one tapped by the successor of prometheus, grand rebalancer of olympus and the realm of man :sob::pray: