Who's planning to make a really bad file on purpose?

what I mean by this is:

make a genuinely useless magic trio like:

:light_magic_var1: :shadow_magic: :snow_magic:

pick warden build

make the ugliest character possible

wear the worst armor

and only use rowboat

i have 2 files to use and definitely not one of them for this

caveman build

earth magic, only use one 20% blast (throwing a rock)
no armor


aesthetics and theme (and fun) over viability

that said, i cannot bring ymself to intentionally wear anti-drip long term


Light shadow warlock
Plasma conjurer

the only “bad” file i’ve considered is a no stat points file

also magma/acid warlock is conterproductive to an extent (each magic’s puddles cancel each other out)

You wouldn’t be able to pick 3 magics and be a warden


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Bright leather armor and exiled leggings pair well. Unfortunately I won’t be able to use those in AO

I agree with this wholeheartedly

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is this implying that rowboat won’t be meta :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

it’s bound to happen since i’m going to at least have 2 or 3 of every build possible i’m gonna try stuff that aren’t normally done and what not. it’ll likely be awhile till this maybe sounds interesting but only time will see

No but I’m gonna make a file for PermaDeath gameplay

:water_magic_var3: :acid_magic_var1: :magma_magic:
big liquid

You can’t get 3 magics as warden

Plasma conjurer can be good if you use a good second magic and lost/ancient

second magic wood lmao
(it sounds better than it’ll probably actually be)

Lunar magic and… shoot is there another idea for a liquid lost/ancient?