Why am I inactive?

  1. Got surgery and my ears are all weird
  2. Sudden loss of interest in the forums

Yeah i’ll still be doing Odyssey Feed, just not right now. I’ll be back here soon! :+1:


wait you actually got surgery on your ears?
why did you have to get surgery on your ears

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To get my tubes removed, they wouldn’t fall out by themselves

It’s also slightly harder to hear cause they have some stuff in them blocking the eardrums which will finish healing in around 2 weeks. :+1:

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Hopefully your ears recover swiftly and safely.

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well, get better soon


tubes? wot tubes

also why (if i may ask)

me curious

oh and get bette yes

Idk if this is what Cryo was talking about. when I was 3 I did something stupid and damaged my ear. The doctor put very small and short plastic tubes into my ear to prevent an infection.

well, good luck with the recovery and whatever your dealing with

they are getting quite boring im ngl

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we’re in “waiting for AO” limbo atm, :frcryin:

You are free


ayo ear surgery? Tubes?

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Same here man the fourms pretty dry rn

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Get well soon and tbh I am loosing interest as well

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I used to do swim lessons, got an ear infection randomly and ended up having to quit. After that I had to get tubes

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Nope, still tethered to Odyssey Feed

I enjoy doing it, just kind of in a funk rn. :rofl:

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