Why Apocalypse Bringer is bad

I’m going to start simply.
Apocalypse magic is easily the worst ancient magic. It’s just explosion magic reskinned, kind’ve like the ancient magic version of diamond magic.

It does a lot more damage than explosion magic. All other Ancient magics also do a lot more damage than explosion magic.

In the trello it says its unstable, this probably means it won’t do as much damage sometimes. No one wants a magic that is unpredictable. You want to know how much damage you’re gonna do.

Apocalypse bringer is likely to look like ash magic. People who use it are just ash magic users who like AoE attacks. Sorry to burst your bubble but Apocalypse bringer isn’t very AoE.

When you cast a spell to attack your screen is going to be covered in black and you won’t be able to see for a second. This is horrible for PvP or fighting bosses.

Even Promethean Fire is better than Apocalypse bringer. at least when you use promethean fire your enemy can’t see either.

Apocalypse bringer also uses up an ancient/lost magic slot which could’ve been used for a much better magic.

At least it does more damage than gold magic.

All for All I give Apocalypse Bringer a solid 6/10.

This was made as a joke. Apocalypse bringer is actually a really cool magic. Please don’t kill me @ThatOneGuy I give it a 9.7/10

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saved yourself


What have you done

nearly died.


it should look like the twitter logo because we all know how twitter is basically the definition of instability and destruction.

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Okay…you desevre to live. But. If you do that shit again, ap.bringer gang will find you, will hunt you down, will kill you. :fr:

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I agree with all points made, and even if it’s a joke, I am not joking.

Furthermore, I am already packing my bags and moving to an unknown island to therefore run away from that one guy. My flight is at 4:20 am.

great argument unfortunately your mother

My brother in Christ it’s not even in the game

But it’ll forever be in my heart

This might be a joke, but watch it actually be true on the Ancient Magic update :frpensive: (if A.B. survives until then)

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