Why are people mad about Mud Magic's removal

Y’all knew it was going to be a meme magic

“HAHA FUNNY DFIRHAHHEA MAGIC!!! I am 9 years old.”

i see one more post about it i’m going to mud magic my pants


because people are sheep and blindly sheep follow the mud magic person

because i genuinely liked mud magic :frowning:


idk it was funny for about 10 minutes


sad times

Blind sheep… BLIND SHEEP?!? No, you have it all wrong! It’s much more than that. It’s much more than a simple magic that’s it’s in a block game. It’s greater than that. It’s so great, it reaches such a level that it is unexplainable. Mud Magic is like when you draw a line surprisingly straight on a piece of paper or throwing a ball far enough to where it looks like a solar eclipse. To me, mud magic is more than life itself. Society is plagued with such ideologies of such negativity, everywhere you look society had caused great pain to itself. Do you know what has been there this whole time through the centuries of human evolution? Through the dawn of the first cavemen, to the cringey TikTokers of today, Mud Magic has always been there. So no, don’t tell me that I follow blindly like a sheep, because my eyes are wide open, and my eyes lay upon Mud Magic in all of it’s deserved glory!


Not genuinely upset about it’s removal but I am quite pleased that Promethean Fire is. It’d have easily been the most sought after magic, which is a bum in my eyes. I like the idea of multiple equally valuable magics being presented and for people to pick what genuinely interests them rather than just which one has the lowest acquisition rate/is the most powerful.

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people crying over such a dumb choice of lost magic

I thought it was a really interesting concept honestly
not enough to be ancient but good enough to be a lost
Something that could be able to control the ground, be able to harden and slow enemies down, restricting movement

Sure, to most, it was the funny diarrhea magic, but to some people it was a genuinely interesting concept, and I see people from both angles being disappointed about it’s removal.

To some, it had a surprising amount of potential.
To others, it was a representation of the growing shitposter community.

It wasn’t a mere joke
It was a symbol
And which is why it had such a massive following
sure, we could talk about sheep and lamb meat doner kebabs, but that stuff’s honestly meaningless when we’re in a forum like this, which is already sprawling with yes men.


It was overhated in my opinion, it genuinely sounded like it would have cool unique mechanics. People would hate on it just because it looks bad, but it showed that you don’t need to be overpowered or look cool to be a good magic.

Mud magic was the only magic thats description included slowing hazards, and it seemed like it would be one of the only two heavy liquid magics as far as we know (the other being Magma :chad: ). I was also interested in seeing what interactions it would have with heat magics, potentially creating dry mud that acted like petrified or frozen.

Overall, I liked the concept of a lost magic that wasn’t crazily powerful but still strong enough to be considered a lost magic. However I’m still looking forward to whatever vetex has planned for losts/ancients in the future.


wait people were actually mad?
i thought they were just joking :neutral_face:

vetex only removed it because he was too scared to try and make such a based magic

should’ve been a base magic

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Dont worry guys, at last vetex can still change his mind

only person I can see being mad is prob Wvalkw

Im just curious as to what other lost and ancient magics were removed

Not much point in us even speculating anymore since anything we think of wont be relevant for a couple years

Prom fire

prom flame being removed is a massive W though


yes we were actually mad