Why can't we learn about other cultures?

Just like the title, why can’t we learn about other cultures? I mean, after doing like 50 quests for the same town 100% you’ll learn about how they live and everything they do. So why can’t we buy swords from different cultures?

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probably to prevent everyone from using the best cultural items. I disagree with it though since there’s nothing stopping you from, for example, using a sword made in India as an American person irl. Sure, it can be viewed as distasteful/cultural appropriation but you aren’t physically unable to do so.

Your question is kinda vague. You can learn about the different cultures by talking to the various NPCs. They’ll tell you about the town they’re in. If you are referring to using weapons from different cultures, then I think it makes sense from a balance perspective.

The thing is, Cultural items are supposed to be equal. There should be no “best cultural item”, because they’re all glorified palette swaps.

Using an item from a culture and learning about a culture are two very different things. The reason that you can’t use the other culture’s weapons is because everyone would just be running the same exact stuff if you could. This method adds variety to each player.

i mean there’s nothing stopping people from just spamming character creation over and over and OVER again until they get culture they want

Not really. The final Cultural Weapons all do different things, but are still balanced.

Castlian and alalean swords>vistarian spear

Well, you have to consider that it’s not very fair. The checks and balances of different cultural weapons provide an equal balance to the game. Either you will have to change your culture (future update), or you will have to become adjusted to your current culture.

The vistarian spear is clearly weaker imo. Every vistarian item skill is just a throw while castlians and alaleans get a highly effective, AoE, spammable high damage sword slash that can be comboed with explosions for massive damage to many people.

spammable 90 AoE damage>120+ single-target hard to land damage with a longer cooldown

You’re wrong. Just because one is throwable and one isn’t, doesn’t mean one is better. Since the spear has higher damage with better range, it will become a good object to fight from afar. But, with a spam-able item, such as a sword, you have no range. I could simply high jump and place and explosion since you are so close. The checks and balances make it not greater than the other. You may see it that way, but it’s really how you use it.

Have you ever experienced the vistarian spear’s hitbox yourself?

The sword is WAY better, the hitbox isn’t just the very end of the spear meaning you don’t have to be within that specific range to hit it. The Q ability is far better because it’s an aoe ability that does bleed vs a throw ability in which we already have crossbows and magic attacks for range. And the “extra range” with the spear isn’t that great, it’s easier to just run straight up to them then get to that specific distance away from them and then try to hit them.

The great spin attack on the alalean and castlian sword is a great tool. Large aoe, mediocre damage, leads to bleed combos. It does it all. The vistarian spear? Does the exact same dmg as other culture weapons bar its throw ability. Its throw ability is notorious for its egregious hitbox. While some may respond with "git gud retard,’ its application in a real fight, pve or pvp, is almost impossible to utilize.

I agree with you, I used to think that the swords outclassed the spear right until when I fought someone really good at pvp and all he had to do was block my attack and counter me pretty easily.

The spear gets blocked as well you know. It also takes more stamina per stab.

Have you experienced trying to throw a sword?

My guess on why we can’t use other culture’s cultural items is because cultural items are supposed to be a special part of your playthrough that’s unique to a file. It’s to make it feel like having a culture should have some impact on your gameplay.

Is it “unrealistic” that we can’t take another culture’s items for ourselves? Maybe. Are some cultural items better than others? In some cases, yeah. That’s just part of playing a game though. You have to remember that there will be more cultural weapons as the level cap increases, along with more weapons that won’t be locked to a culture, so if a weapon is bad then it’s just as simple as not using it.

That or you can be like me and upvote getting the vistarian spear a new skill in suggestions.

Vistarian weapons are all just throws. That’s like every castlian weapon having the great spin instead of any ranged attacks. Variety is extremely useful in combat, imagine if you could only use blast attacks.