Why didn’t Prometheus just absorb the Grand Fire Curses?

Prometheus would have been way stronger than any human, right? And he did make them in secret, so why couldn’t he have also absorbed them and beat Cursebeard?

Because he was stupid.

@Divanochi you better finish that post

pretty sure he made the curses on the spot because of cursebeard threats and then he fucking died because cursebeard was right there in front of him

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i assume its because he technically already had the power of the promethean flame curse, and the other grand fire curses, so it wouldn’t really make sense if he created something stronger than what he has currently

Just speculation, but I have a feeling that gods have no need for curses since their magic is already extremely powerful.

Tech’s said that there was an unorthodox method used to kill Prometheus and the gods; Prometheus was more powerful than Arthur (we can infer this since Prom was the most powerful god as well as being an Unknown while Arthur wasn’t) so even if the grand fire curses did make him more powerful it doesn’t guarantee that it would save him from whatever method Arthur used to defeat him

Was double checking some lore stuff dw

fair enough

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